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Online Booking Policy



Please refer back to the Services page before booking your online appointment to make sure that you understand which services you need. This helps us avoid changes in your appointment. If your appointment is inaccurately booked, we will notify you immediately in an effort to correct it. 


How to Book Appointment


Click "Book Now" on the Salon Services page. I have already grouped the services together for you. Please make sure that you book exactly what you want to have done and if you don't see it as a group service then please add it from the Add-on services.


Weave/Extension services DOES NOT include a must book the shampoo add-on service or you must come with your hair already clean.  If your hair isn't clean (stylist discretion), you will have to add the service. It is against regulations of the State Board of Cosmetology to perform services to unclean hair.


Special Occasions - you can book an updo/formal occasion styling service without a shampoo service. You must come with your hair already clean and dry.


If you have any questions concerning Online Booking Policy, please call the salon for support and/or assistance. You can also send me a message when you book your appointment.  I will make any necessary changes for you. Thanks!


Cancellation Policy


It is important to cancel your appointment as soon as possible. When you don't cancel your appointment, it prevents the ability to book a client in that time slot; therefore, income is loss. Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours prior to appointment(s). If client cancels under 24 hours to appointment or does not show to a scheduled appointment, under stylist discretion, a $50.00 cancellation/no-show fee will be charged and client will not be able to book future appointments until cancellation/no-show fee is paid in full. If client accumulates 2 cancellations/no-shows in a 6 week period, under stylist discretion, service will no longer be rendered to that client under the reasoning; client is considered a nuisance to business.  The salon is very reasonable and understands emergencies; you are also asked to be considerate and understanding of the stylist time/income. If you have any questions concerning Cancellation Policy, please call the salon for support and/or assistance.


Referral Policy


  Once you acquire 3 referrals, you will receive $30 dollars in salon services.  The salon credit must be redeemed within 45 days of notification. If you have any question concerning Referral Policy, please call the salon for support and/or assistance.


Weave/Extension Clients


You are responsible for purchasing your hair prior to your service. I recommend that you use our brand, She Has Yolihair Extensions.   I will consult with you about the texture/length of hair  that will work best for your desired style but the final decision is yours.  I will not make this decision for you. I will not re-do styles (free of charge) because you don't like the hair that was purchased. 
I recommend a consultation if you are unsure which texture to purchase. 
If there is a problem with the quality of the hair that you purchased from us, we will gladly work to rectify the problem.

privacy & safety

Photographs and Videos will be used for the promotion of She Has Yolihair services and products. If you do not want to appear on social media, pictures/videos can be taken in a manner that excludes your face. Your privacy is very important to us so if you do not wish to be photographed, please notify us.


Refund Policy - Salon Services

It is my deepest desire to provide quality services to my clients and I strive to make everyone happy. However, I am not perfect so in the event that you are unhappy with your hair, please let me know when I finish your style or contact me with two (2) days of your service. I do not offer refunds; but will gladly try to rectify the problem. 

Refund Policy - Braid/Weave/Wig Installations or Purchases

First, let me say that I do not offer refunds for these services, so it is imperative that you know exactly what you want and do a consultation with me. Please be sure that you are familiar with the hair that you use for your hairstyle. If you don't like the hair, it is impossible for me to take the hair down and re-install new hair with no charge. If this is necessary, you will be required to pay %50 of the installation cost (I will not re-braid your hair) and you MUST notify me within 2 days of your service. 


Covid-19 - Please be advised that we can no longer offer returns or exchanges for hair once it has been shipped to you. The exchange/store credit policy below is no longer in effect (has been suspended) due to Covid-19.   If you have a concern about your purchase, we will offer a phone/video consultation to help you and answer any questions. Thank you.

 We have a No Refund policy. Exchange/Store Credit Accepted - If you are unhappy with your hair, please contact us within 3 days of receipt to start your exchange process. You will have 7 days to return the hair in original packaging. We do not cover the cost of return shipping. If we determine that the hair has been altered in any way (shampooed, combed, brushed, colored, worn or cut) you will not be eligible for an exchange and we will resend the product to you.

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