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Hair Salon

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Master Cosmetologist, Yolanda "Yoli" Dupree, has a career that spans over 30 years and includes in hair restoration and regrowth. She has served many hair loss clients and is passionate about providing the best solution for them. 

If you are interested in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, please fill out the questionaire and we will contact you within 24 hours.


I would like a consultation!

Will you be using insurance?
Do you have a prescription?
Is your hair loss a result of Cancer and/or Chemotheraphy treatments?
How soon would you like to book your consultation?

Special Message for Hair Loss Clients due to Cancer:

After you submit the form, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.

We understand that experiencing hair loss is very emotional and can be mentally draining. Because of this, if possible, we recommend that clients plan to have their Custom Cranial Prothesis ordered before treatments start.  You can get a prescription from your doctor and bring it to your consultation appointment. Additionally, we will provide a cap or wig grip for your comfort.

Thanks for subbmitting! Someone will get in touch with you!

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